Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The apple trees are in!

You know when Mother's Day comes around you have no idea what your family may or may not do for you to commemorate the day? Well, that didn't happen this year because I specifically asked for APPLE TREES. (haha). Well sometimes, you have to guarantee a good gift, eh?

We went to our favorite store and they were out of my favorite apple: Macintosh, so we had to go down the street to another seller. We purchased two Machintosh and brought them home. Much to our chagrin, and we knew this before, we forgot to purchase a pollinator! (With many types of apple trees you need to get a companion tree of a different species in order for them to pollinate and bear fruit). Anyway - the next day, I asked my hubbers to go to the local nursery near his work and choose another tree, which he did.

Planting was fun. You don't plant apple trees many times in your lifetime. We chose the spot where they would go and we dug. You have to dig DEEP and WIDE to make it successful. The boys helped (see pictures). We were also able to use our own homemade conpost which was very satisfying. It was also satisfying to make one more step towards self-sufficiency.

Here's hoping for apples in 2012!

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  1. Congrats! I've been hankering for some cherry trees!

    Have you seen this -
    It's a very cool concept.