Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the hurricane...

Irene has come and gone and Connecticut is cleaning up.  The southernmost part of the state really got the worst of it with high wind and flooding.  Northern CT got hit too.
See below...
Outside the SS&C building.

Farmington River, muddy and raging and now over it's banks.

Hanging wires

The wind whipped through the trees at my house too, but nothing substantial came down. My garden's taller plants got blown all over.
It' probably hard to tell, but this is my corn. All over the place.

Jerusalem artichokes.

My biggest brussel sprouts plant. It will live!

Today I was driving around and the flooding has gotten pretty rampant. This is a street right near the Farmington River.
See the little cows?

Well, we're alright anyway! That's it for now from the homestead. I need to do some serious clean up both indoors and outdoors. :)

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