Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flatbread success!

As many of you know, my kids have food allergies. Although I have been baking my own bread for months now, they are still missing out on another of their favorites - flatbread/tortillas. All the tortillas and flatbreads I can find in the store have soy in them - sometimes egg - and we can't do those.

I finally grabbed a recipe off of my favorite recipe site ( and gave it a try.

Attached I would like to share with you the photos I took of the process.

Notes: I used butter instead of shortening - shortening is just so disgusting, really. Next time I will cut back on the butter even more.

Also, this recipes lends itself well to a cinnamon/sugar twist or an apple/cinnamon twist! YUM!

I can't wait to add some more recipes to my bread arsenal!

- Enjoy! Jenny

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