Monday, April 11, 2011

Cleaning out the closet...with a friend

It's time to do some cleaning, spring cleaning. A friend of mine, Courtney, is a great organizer. Now, if you have never met a natural organizer, than you are missing out! I thought I was a great organizer, but in my book - natural organizers are actually excited about it. Me? Not so much. I like the results, but, I am not inspired, shall we say.

Last week she came on over my house - all on her own volition after I had admitted to a group on Facebook of my clutter struggles- and her eye went to my toy closet. "This isn't being used efficiently," she said. "I know," I said. She said, "Pull everything out and start from scratch." So I did what she advised and I am so pleased with the results. I got RID of stuff and I was able to take toys that were sitting on the floor and put them in there for the first time.

See Pictures.

I think one of the things that holds us back from decluttering and keeping things organized is how we grow ACCUSTOMED to junk and clutter. Our eyes become glazed over and it becomes more of an emotional issue for us than a practical issue. I totally was numbed out in the playroom - I couldn't see the problems or potential solutions anymore. When you invite someone new into your space they can see things more clearly. I have done this more than once.

Also, they are not sentimentally attached to your stuff like you are. "Awww, but that was the toy that Andrew stood up with," I complain. But, reluctantly admit that he hasn't touched it for 5 years and never will again since he found Legos.

I think it comes down to the following question: do you walk into a room and feel a sense of discouragement? If you answered yes to this question, please go find someone, a friend perhaps, that you consider a "natural" at organizing. And...of course - someone you trust. Someone you know won't come in and say "Omigosh! How can you live like this?!?" (I.e.probably not a relative)

What project will I attack next? I'll get back to you - I have to go call a friend!


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  1. Great job Jenny! I will post a link to this when I put up my next "20 Week Organizing Challenge" post this week! More than what you completed on the project, I love what you said about becoming accustomed to the clutter. SO true!