Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preserving our strawberries

We are loving and enjoying our strawberries. About every 2-3 days, the boys and I can go outside and pick a few and eat them right off the vine.

Is there anything better than being able to feed yourself off of homegrown fruits and veggies? Because I don't use any chemicals, my kids and I can eat the stuff right off the plant, dirt and all if we wanted! What a great feeling that is. I am also finding that they are sweeter than any strawberry that is trucked in from out of state.

So, I have picked about 2 pints. I wanted to share some photos of how I am going to preserve them this year. Really making an effort to preserve our harvest is a new thing for me. In years past, I would just put things in the fridge and if they shriveled up or molded, I would throw them away. What a shocking waste. I know, I am shocked at myself even!

This year, I am washing the berries, and sealing them with my new vacuum sealer. I love this vacuum sealer. I have been on a bit of a sealing binge.

Anyway... here are some photos of the process in case you have never seen a vacuum sealer or are considering purchasing one...

Pick the berries!

Wash the berries, plug in your sealer. Mine looks like this...

Place the berries in the bag...

Seal 'er up!

Don't forget to label the bag with the date you sealed it)


  1. Way to preserve! We typically use the vacuum sealer for our meat and some of the veggies (like green beans), but we put a lot in regular ziplocks, because of the cost of the vacuum bags. With berries, they go in the freezer on a cookie sheet until frozen and then dumped into a gallon size bag, so we can take a few out at a time for our oatmeal or whatever. ;)

  2. great idea. I haven't found a zip lock yet that doesn't allow freezer burn to eventually ruin things! :( But, you're right, they are $$.