Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Dirt Under My Nails

Every year about this time, I paint my fingernails purple.
Yes, purple.
Why you might ask?
Because I am getting dirt under my nails.

I am clearing out the garden and cleaning things up to prepare for a new growing season and like a lot of you, it's starting EARLY this year (yay).  So far I have cleaned out 2 raised beds, 4 flower beds, and turned the soil. Boy is it good to see that dark chocolate colored soil.  And because it is early, it's cold under there. But, there are worms (and a few grubs :( too).

This week has been unseasonably warm.  65-70 degrees every day (and it's the second week on March!  Technically still WINTER).  What a blessing from God!

I am experiencing some fear and nervousness this year too as I have not been happy with my yield.  In fact, last year many things went bust. Cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash and sweet potatoes to name a few.
But as if true with any gardener, I am trying again!  There is always a new year, right?

Today I had my hands in the soil, pulling out weeds which had taken root, inspecting bright red rhubarb shoots. Today I got dirt under my nails.  

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